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Titelmotiv der 6. KunstFestSpiele: Von dem Wort "Norm" sind das R und das M mit orangener Farbe durchgestrichen © ROYA VISUAL IDEAS

Titelmotiv der 6. KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen

Kunstfestspiele 2015


We talk about the relationships of proportion or incomes, relationships in love and friendship, dependency relationships, power relationships, pecuniary relationships and about political, economic and social relationships and circumstances.

Relationships can be good or bad, slack, secure or precarious. We can have a healthy relationship with the circumstances of our livelihood, or not. Does absolutely everything hinge on relationships and circumstances?

We invite you to join us on an exploration of “our highly varied relationships”. Within this context, a sideward glance at Madame Europe is unavoidable. What is equally unavoidable is the discovery that the ulterior motives include not only the betrayal of trust, but also the pure struggle for power as repeatedly demonstrated from the age of Troy via the Crusades and the American Civil War, continuing unabated in the armed conflicts of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. In the Threepenny Opera, the beggar king Peachum sings: “We would rather be good instead of raw, but the circumstances are not so.” Humour proves the most reliable scalpel for the dissection of relationships and circumstances. Despite our attention being focused on the primal feelings of abandonment and existential loneliness and the relationship between life and irrevocable death, we are simultaneously able to experience the opposite extreme of simply appreciating our existence, for example listening to the rain falling, enjoying laughter or taking pleasure in the comprehension of a particular concept.

Family (and power) relationships were what ultimately led to the personal union between the British throne and Hanover in 1714. For this reason, we have included several British artists in our programme, and numerous collaborations between artists and partners from Hanover have ensured that the KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen will also present events in the autumn.

Enjoy insights and prospects. Allow yourselves be illuminated, fulfilled, bemused, intoxicated and astonished. We are looking forward to your visit.